Category Topics

Hack-along Patterns

This category represents a library with social and organizational patterns, tools and findings obtained during hack-alongs. You can choose what to use and when!

Projects and Solutions

This category lists all projects which were showcased or co-created during hack-alongs
Use this category if you are submitting a new project.

Knowledge Sharing

Discussion around ingested content; documentaries, books, websites etc. It’s for sharing things and signalling “I like this and generally think it’s cool, anyone else?”


Here the results of conversations during hackalongs and other events are logged, for everyone else to see and contribute.

Locations & Gatherings

If you align with the hackalong concept and you are willing to accept hackers at your location, list your hacking space here!

Feedback & Ideas

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. A place you can highlight things we need like tooling and your reasoning for why we need particular suggestions.