About the Projects category

This category lists all projects which were showcased or co-created during hack-alongs
Use this category if you are submitting a new project.

You can make use the following guidelines when formatting your post, but feel free to add anything you wish to it.

  • Purposeful naming
    Choose a name that cleary states what needs it solves, followed by any name you chose to give the project (Eg: Decentralized Food Production - FarmX)

  • Post Updates
    The first post should contain all relevant information to the project, and should be updated with accepted contributions coming up during the forum discussion.

  • Contributors
    The name and ethereum address of the original list of contributors together with any additional contributors recognized as such atdiscretion of the current contributors.

  • Contribution address
    The address of the smart contract that will add value contributors. IMPORTANT!: Be very specific on the details of the deal, make sure everyone is well informed of the process and the details of what to expect form their contribution (eg: Donation Rewards, Utility Tokens, Discount Tokens, Security Tokens on Token Bonding Curve, etc…