About the Proposals category

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. A place you can highlight things we need like tooling and your reasoning for why we need particular suggestions.

Where possible we can try to present a four quadrants analysis to describe the topic at hand (example here) so we are aligned enough to discuss our reasoning.

When it comes to doing such reasoning there are many frameworks we could agree on; appreciative inquiry, dragon dreaming, design or systems thinking… which all generally say the same thing; “make a big list of everything, decide which things are the most important on that list and check if there isn’t anything missing that should be included before constructing things!”. This pattern is summarised in computer science as “sequence, selection, iteration, invocation” or in appreciative inquiry as “discover, dream, design, deploy”–call it what we like the patterns are all the same!