Community Portal / Personal Shrine / Passport discussion

Often communities wish to combine resources, integrate etc and then find a need for tools. Usually things around governance of funds/brands, identity, reputation and exchange of resources. This post is just to try break out some things:

System provision streams

• Resource contribution
• Unnamed monetary contribution
• Named monetary contribution

Resource contribution would be provision of idle assets, time, waste streams, products and services. Reserves of value locked up and illiquid in non-fungible objects that could instead be used or exchanged. Getting the value moving may potentially be incentivised by offering higher returns for earlier contributions.

Unnamed monetary contributions may be donations to the network coming from grants, philanthropic funds, customers etc. The contribution may be split equally or scoped to promising projects/membranes as directed by the network through mechanisms such as liquid pledging.

Named monetary contributions potentially coming from personal funds, friends/family, company sponsorship, state benefits etc. These contributions may go to the beneficiaries project or the beneficiary themselves.

Accounting / exchange

In accounting for hybrid values we might consider the measurability of the values. Some units of account will be fuzzy while others fine grained. Relating to the exchange of such units it may happen with either gifting or market mechanics.

Appropriation rights

To discuss access rights to scarce resources or the appropriation of money, goods and services from the system, we start to move into governance territory. To be clear, these rules are best left up to local actors but we can provide some tools that might be useful such as fuzzy/focused reputation metrics.

Reputation metrics - fuzzy/soft; NFT's, gifts, kudos, karma, badges, passes

In the world of digital identity we can frame offers and requests as claims and attestations.

Represented intangibly an attestation/credential might be considered “karma”, or represented tangibly through a significant marking of some sort (a badge, pass, stamp, tattoo or wristband!). These are all potentially interesting as fuzzy or non-fungible reputation metrics / current-sees / bearer tokens in that they signal general affirmations or attestations.

Reputation metrics - fine/hard; contribution and impact weights

While NFT's/Credentials probably work well as general affirmations, we probably want to look at weighted graphs for impact metrics. There are probably several ways to do this kind of granular measurement but SourceCred is perhaps one worth thinking about. This can be used to measure contribution quality across Github and Discourse.