Fast static sites for hack-along projects (using Hugo + Github + Netlify)

Nowadays you can have a website hosted for free, with continuous integration, up and running in no time! Follow these steps:

  • Install hugo and create a project following the steps at
  • Select and pull a nice theme from at
  • Modify the config.toml to reflect your content
  • Add the attached netlify.toml configuration file
  • Publish the code to github or gitlab
  • Pull it from Netlify for continuous integration
  • add your custom domain name (optional)

From now on, any edit to the config.toml pushed to github will be automatically reflected in the published site.

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What do you think of replacing Github with Gitlab in this tutorial description? (Just because Gitlab seems to better resonate with the community’s values and is a good group to support)

Great info btw!!

Yeah, this works really smoothly. I’ve been building a few sites this way with the as the first and currently playing with another one for networked services that I’ll share once Netlified. Speaking of which, you did the last one - how can I generate a subdomain on to point Netlify at?

Otherwise smooth experience so far :slight_smile:

Gitlab can probably do it as well but the config files for the likes of netlify will be configured for GitHub at a guess so might need rewrite for noobs like me. The CI/CD stuff is cool though, I can iterate in realtime and its updating :slight_smile: