Games - Add yours!

Discussing memes and meaning with Maija we came up with a game called “throwing snakes”, which falls into a category of non-violent communication; specifically a sub category of “I don’t resonate with that”

(edit: this might already be a thing, I seem to recall Dani mentioning it to us at the Giveth retreat)

Throwing snakes!

So the idea is that when someone is suggesting a fragile solution we think could lead to unintended consequences we throw/post snakes :snake: to suggest there may be issues in line with the Cobra Effect

Rats :rat: are also encouraged :slight_smile:

Another non-violent communication game:

Bunny game

Only the bunny can talk. If passed the bunny, raise your hands to your head, put your thumbs to your temples and wiggle your fingers. Pass the bunny to whoever you think should speak next when done.

Reason: Making oneself look stupid while tiring out our arms is a disincentive to keep speaking and thus a disincentives domination of a conversation.

(From Roberto/Italian drinkers)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Becomes builders, architects and designers.

• Rocks are builders (wears orange hi-vis)
• Paper is architects (carries clipboards/notebooks?)
• Scissors are designers (covered in paint?)

We need to iterate on the signalling mechanisms :wink:

(From Roberto)

Scarcity vs Abundance

• Put tangible currency on a plate.
• Play several times.
• First rounds: Take from others what you need/want and others do similar.
• Return and find what your supplies depleted requiring more TAKING from others, after several rounds watch your scarcity/losses increase as everyone races to the bottom.
• Later rounds: Start again but GIVING this time to see how abundance takes hold as you return to more and more on your plate which then means you require less and less.

(From Pepijn)