Hackers Coffee - Music curation project by Ome (Aka a modern Tam-Tam!)

This is a curation project shared during hack-along 0.01 by Ome. Much love and appreciation for the music man!

Hacker’s Coffee is my music curation project that a few of you asked me to share. I’m constantly hunting for new electronic music and categorizing it in these Spotify playlists. I categorize tracks not by genre but by “flavor”. In this flavors, more milk means softer beats and more coffee concentration means harder beats. As my taste changes over time, so do my playlists and they containing only the 100 most recent tracks. Make sure to grab the ones you like!

Hacker’s Coffee:
A mix of all the other hacker’s coffee flavors.

Hacker’s Black:
Melodic dark deep house.

Hacker’s Latte:
Melodic deep house and light hearted electronic in general.

Hacker’s Espresso:
Trance~ish, synthwave, light drum&bass.

Hacker’s Macchiato:
Downbeat light hearted electronic.

Hacker’s Ristretto:
Chiptune and harder synthwave.

Hacker’s Milk:
Ambient electronic and some non-electronic.