Membrane based organisation - Sociocracy 3.0

I feel this is a good collection of patterns regarding how to conduct ourselves and coordinate, while its probably impossible to hold all of them in our heads it’s certainly a good selection of mental tooling:


Alphabetical List Of All Sociocracy 3.0 Patterns


Thanks for the share, this is extremely relevant.
(though some things hurt :sweat_smile: )

I haven’t got the chance to go through all of them, but from what I did see it very much fits with patterns of transformative group learning & co-creation.

I wonder if some of the patterns could be integrated by design into our interaction and communication interfaces. What do you think?

I don’t see why not, the largest driver to such becoming a reality is probably just the lot of us adopting such patterns in our own interactions, in line with Conways law the interface design would probably just emerge that way as a result!

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