Remote Voice Collaboration (2D Interface) -

Mockups (Figma)

Functional Prototype (click rooms with sprites)

Fucoco - sococo-like 2D interface + voice chatrooms for remote collaboration

Tech - Reactjs & WebRTC

By Kay(@geleeroyale), Sam(@letourpowerscombine), Roberto(@ProfETH)


That looks fun :smiley:
so is the goal better remote collaboration?

Ha, love it!
Any progress on it?

Hey @pETH, welcome! :slight_smile:

I believe this is the repo @letourpowerscombine started it in if your curious to poke about.

It also functions live at but be aware the room URLs are hard coded so as it becomes more popular we would need to figure out how to manage conflicting spaces (like the serendipitous event on “the porch” with myself/Thomas/Roberto while Kay/Gregor were supposed to be meeting there also :sweat_smile:). @ProfETH is doing a Metatron version I believe off some assets @maija built… its on the Kanban but feel free to get people swarming it with whatever flavours/upgrades they may wish for :wink:

While on the topic - @letourpowerscombine perhaps it would be good to fire it into the github as well? (we should probably be gathering things there and mirroring to Gitlab, perhaps we can have that discussion in this thread though - just to keep the discussion orderly?)


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Thanks for the quick update!
Nice, somehow didn’t make the connection that was the same project; I believe Kay already shared it with me :smiley:


Wow - look at what happened since creating this stub. has matured a bit, is being used by at least three different communities now and was being used to run InterCON virtual conference just now.

Current deployments:

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Hahaha well done guys! Great day in :slight_smile:

Also, just as an FYI; I found this software thats being used by IIW to run their unConf: