Systems for community governance and local economy

My motivation for this project comes from real world experience where fiat money injected philantropically into a real world intentional community of well-intentional people with many altruistic visions of improving the world, resulted in unfair distribution, exclusion of multiple invested members and a lack of democratic accountability that ultimately broke the community.
Before anyone invests their time, currency and life energy into a community… these distributed/decentralised arbitration, governance tools need to exist:

  • an egalitarian variation of token bonding curve system for investors and community members to follow
  • a transparent UBI/TBI automated distribution model, to maintain the health of the community (FUTILE)
  • a transparent treasury model for decision making on funds to resource allocation using liquid democracy and conviction voting like system

Its not that we dont trust our people in our community family… its that we can use these tools to never have to worry about trust issues… also an egalitarian approch is the best way to avoid conflict… hence UBI/TBI


Thanks for sharing Thomas. Roberto and Pavle got a bonding curve going at Eth Berlin and I dig the idea of fair distribution through a currency splitter, they could probably be combined easily enough if you guys feel like some alchemy. Bryan is also interested in that as we defiantly need a collective funding mechanism :wink:

Also, what do you think of Robertos meme that Money is FUTILE"?
• Food
• Utility
• Transport
• Infrastructure
• Location
• Entertainment (maybe education)

Thus Money is FUTILE

We could probably define boundary conditions around these further but as memetic function I think its got a ring to it and promotes our humanistic values… thoughts?


These links provide some context:
need for liquid democracy instead of representative democracy (holochain):

conviction voting + token bonding curve:

I would like to see a software proposal for a secure treasury model that is very hard to corrupt. until one is available then perhaps a 1/n equal distribution model for all members with a simple splitter contract might work… the problem is then asking for funds back from all the members for common community assets… when members may well have spent those funds for their own personal endeavours.

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I guess we are thinking about the liminal state between provisioning and appropriation here AKA Input/output matching. For PROVISIONS INPUT into the system; it makes sense to use a bonding curve which convert them to an integral. This integral can then be split or APPROPRIATED into an OUTPUT.

In the money is FUTILE paradigm we would probably have a “meta-curve” that converts all funds into a system integral that can then be split into sub curves; the Food curve, the Utility curve, the Transport curve, the Infrastructure curve, the Location curve and the Entertainment curve… all of which can then split however the curves decide to govern themselves.

Regarding this governance; it would be cool to see contribution weighting across Github and Discourse via Sourcecreds algorithm/graph. These metrics would probably be useful in each community for making decisions and may also be useful for internal economy. Reputation elements could be bootstrapped off “Gift Offers” via Badges. This suggestion from Vladimir in the Diffusion hack-along channel is also quite interesting for internal economy.

May this document (egalitarian community funding framework) be shared further for community building project purposes?

Education: may be in future (present?) entertainment and education merge, so people are learning and having fun doing it

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Hi Lua,

yes sure go ahead and try the framework out…
i have put it here:
so you can add issues, feedback on github