The Fractal Folksonomy Pattern


Working with holochain technology… I have been able to comprehend a way for people to create their own networks of things within networks of things. You could also imagine these networks to be entire forums / message groups etc.

Each network is a decentralised database of entries governed by some validation rules and hosted by its users in a holochain swarm protocol (redundance and reslience )

One begins by downloading and running the App…
Once inside the app, the default genesis code is running and as you synchronise with the other nodes in the genesis network, a list of existing user created sub networks will appear.
You can choose to join a sub-network or create your own.
Each network has some basic properties which allow the creator to subjectively define their terms. eg.
- name
- description
- keywords

These properties along with the signature of super network combine to create a unique network blueprint.
The blueprint is stored in the network of its super/parent network.

When a user decides to join the network … he retrieves the blueprint properties and instanciates the network using the genesis template file
After a few seconds the user is able to interact with others in the network in the context of the creators parameters.

The user is also able to view and create sub-networks of this network he has joined (in the same way just described) into an indefinite fractal of creator-defined sub networks…