Hack-along 0.1 Post Event

Hack-along 0 was an emergent social experiment where the minimum amount of community guidelines were enforced. Namely, participants were requested to focus on three aspects: personal, local, and global, and try to balance between them. No-one could tell people what to do, and when. Tensions in the group were addressed on a case-by-case, keeping the original requirement (no coercion) in mind. The objective: find the minimum set of tools which will allow a diverse group of people to help and enrich each other while fulfilling their life mission.

This is a post-event conversation, where we discuss what worked and what did not.

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One love all, great event and looking forward to the next one!

Non-prescription was an “a priori” pattern that set the tone perfectly. This worked to large degrees because of the people. That said we are messy humans and we can always do better! Let’s discuss and optimise :slight_smile:

What didn’t work though? Well, we tried a “did a thing” board which is a pattern that may work outside of the context we used it in, where it essentially failed. The context we used it in was assuming it to be pattern for all things, formatted as a claim or attestation.

For abstract work this may well be useful as sign posting to others but used for concrete tasks like cooking or cleaning it failed. Our hypothesis of why it failed (from discussion) for these types of tasks was because such tasks are essentially community gifting done out of good spirt. Claiming that you gifted something to the group negates the gift. Such giving also tends to go unnoticed so the attestation side of things also failed, either because people didn’t notice or forgot to write the they noticed down - so we learned that the overhead for the granular is tedious.

This experiment wasn’t a complete failure as its iteration led to the notion of appreciative feedback (more generalised) but that is still untested. Within the appreciative feedback mechanism, there may still be a place for “did a thing”, we just polluted the board with mixed information so we should maybe try to make it into a map next time round… A knowledge/conversation graph of sorts!

Journal notes

Wednesday 3rd July:
• Picked up by Michiel from Ancona airport.
• Discussion on framing metrics: Time, Reputation, Karma -> (Personal) Cost, Risk, (Collective) Benefit.

Thursday 4th July
• Libra is a threat if suscessful
• Make an open version -> align with allies, embed to wordpress/woo-commerce plugin
• Human Time is scarce attention
• Machine time is abundant -> useful for meaningless jobs currently filled by humans like the Uber driver (AKA Mechanimals)
• Educational game: put physical currency on a plate. Round1 people leave their plate and take what they want from other plates to try and reach a win. When repeated they find themselves in scarcity and racing to pick up more just to reach an equilibrium.
• Educational game 2: run the same scenario but giving to others instead. People find themselves in abundance/everyone in equilibrium.
• Givo offers/requests discussion
• Digital twin forest & road DAO’s -> machines offer their accumulations, humans request “needs/wants”. AI optimises based on social graph.
• Watched a primer on “The natural selection of altruism” and “Simulating natural selection”. Take aways: with clear signals, altruism works. With an ambiguous signal, we need to reduce our altruistic behaviours (10% in video… akin to Kelly betting). Hamiltons law is wrong.
• Trust lines discussion: Appreciative (positive) bias makes sense. Judgement of free-riders doesn’t scale they need feedback (think criminals that get worse from jail due to desperation); zero reputation equals no capability in the global system but one could still bootstrap on a local level.
• Possible approaches to free-riding: Judgement, clustering, give more, banning, staking, appreciative.
• Access to resources discussion: how do we prioritise access to scarce resources? e.g. 10 apples and 100 people. Perhaps reputation graduated from highest to lowest in proportion to the resource/total resource pool, measure the delta. Reference: “The state of decay” game mechanics.
• Delta represents a differential such as the difference between a paperclips value and a pencil.
• An appreciative approach is hard for most people as even with explicit instruction/intent people tend to revert to a problem frame. This occurred within our group, requiring correction… thankfully we were watchful.
• Discussion on food - should we use splitwise? a DAO (e.g. Protea)? Individuals buy their own? How about steaking for a common pot and then extracting permissions regarding dietary preference (meat vs veggie)? Boiled down to consensus reality for communal food?
• Note on note taking: the person doing the work, writes the narrative! Shaman!
• Call with Akasha hub (Lorenzo) about mutualities with Liminal. They are spinning up more hubs.

Friday 5th July
• Shopping for food
Recollect personal notes from day 1/2

Saturday 6th July
• Bryan, Renee and his parents arrive.
• How do we introduce each-other and find complementary interests? Where is your expertise or interest? Which verticals?
• Put questions on a list
• Face to a name/skill/passion cards?
• Finding people with seeking/offering (offers/requests)
• Guidelines on congregation times (e.g. breaking bread with breakfast/dinner club, up at the Pav 5ish?)
• We were extended local credit in Spinatoli town. They said we have honest faces, pay us tomorrow despite a sign that read “because of someone, we give credit to no one” -> local signalling!
• Small towns have offers/requests on a notice board usually found in the supermarket. They are dated and staff usually remove or “auto reduce them” within two weeks
• Some places have a culture of “pay the next one” for meals or coffee. This switches the mental frame from paying to giving as you receive for free but pass it on.
• Community pots are interesting as social debit/credit. Cuban communism is a good reference re mindset.
• Discussed volunteering; when you transition to being paid it changes expectations.
• When arriving on a given project its important to know what point of its evolution your in: memes, themes, teams, or dreams (delivery).
• Conversation around “Chackaras” and our nervous system (vegas?). Three brained beings we are; coincidentally the Sacral chackra aligns with gut (100m neurons), Herz chackra with heart (40,000 neurons), Stirin chackra with head (100B neurons). Unread discussion on this and leadership
• Vadic cooking and math are both patterns, not process.
• Aquaponics = stack veggies for efficiency, loose the pumps by adding capillary action… mutant trees - fuck nature is good at this!
• Would be nice to have a TamTam style playlist that works in accordance to mood… (it materialised in closing loops in the form of Ome’s Hackers Coffee)
Digital logging session to consolidate notes
• Went to the beach and had dinner
• Discussion on working/on-boarding practices. Meme is divergent, themes are convergent. Grab a mentor to onboard you to a theme. There should also be pro-active inclusion (mentor grabs newbies).

Sunday 7th July
• Lunch with Robertos family (hot weather “I hope it cools down for the ceremony”).
• Belated opening ceremony:
• Drums leading us down to a nice ledge (played by yours truely)
• Roberto initiates people about the intent for liminal
• Chi-gong meditation by Renee -> walk backwards up the hill.
• Observation: On request nature provided relief from the sun (light rain)
• Observation: Sometimes life is thorny
• Observation: Some people hold space or clear paths for others (Minhee & the thorns)
• Observation: Sometimes you take an unexpected path (that I didn’t realise existed)
• Observation: Backwards walking is improvisationary navigation… jazz
• Opening discussion on wallets as personal shrines
• Closed ceremony
• Listed the boards we need for signalling infrastructure:
• Offers/requests
• Moon phases (on poles around the pavillion?)
• Personal, Local, Global board
• Where we will be/what we are doing
• Conversational graph -> themes onboarding
• Food protocol -> collection, cost, cooking, clean up
• “Did a thing” -> negative space signalling (cook/clean? better for abstract on refelction)
• Flag throwing display & pizza, picked Thomas up.

Monday 8th July
• Building some boards
• Wishful/intentional = dualism quadrant (wishful wishful, wishful intentional, intentional whishful, intentional intent).
• Personal glyphs -> reduce bias through revealable anonymity
• Discussion on the “World Summit” -> a page of wishers.
•• Abundance protocol: What is working together?
•• Rules of cooperation?
•• Which assets/value does each have and how can they interchange?
••• What rules do we agree to respect?
••• Some rules are necessities e.g. regenerative agriculture -> open up and show.
••• DNA of collaboration
•• Gift based income -> sponsor a position?
••• Gifting = reciprocity (after fact reward)
••• Breaks if free riders extract
••• Need membranes
•• Groups of radical individuals (both and)
••• Tag-along = cells working together
•• Change takes time -> 3 years.
••• Build the protocol in a year, two years of adjustment/normalisation/pertubation for participants.
•• Dont change the system, change systems. Pertubation.
•• Preach to the priests!
•• 12.5% is the tipping point. How to survive the transition period?
• Discussion on scaling our maintenence
• Discussion on moving to opening loops phase
•• Should create subjective summaries from discovery with intent to move in a direction.

Tuesday 9th July
• Yoga -> owww
• Create subjective summaries from discovery with intent to move in a direction.
•• Meditate and crystalise
•• Ground in intention
•• Colour we are feeling
•• Converge subjectivity
•• Associative brainstorm -> share key points together
•• Placement of self in group
•• Placement of personal trajectory
•• Map/cluster the key points (Insert picture)

• Synchronistically hit half moon mid session, followed by thunder forming. Post meditation the kids show up while remembering self-softness.

Wednesday 10th July
• Discussion on Transitional Basic Income -> tax on resource DAO to fund basic needs outside resource economy.
• Systems practice, design thinking and programming are all the same framework but with different angles. Design is for subjective/advertising hooks, systems is trying to arrive at objectivity in a robust way etc
• Divergent, convergent, iteration, invokation.
• As such run preferred pattern frame solo, then with the group (to delocalise). Three dimensional alignment.
• Worked on offers/requests. Nodes are people or items. Edges are offers/requests.

Thursday 11th July
• Discussion on Berlin primer -> passing the torch when frame work is built. Create notes/documents/recap.
• Auto note taker -> Raspberry Pi with circular mirror to record conversations -> free software/dual licence -> sell hardware to pay transitional basic income.
• Breaking bread/eating = monkey mind thoughts/distraction dumps (see above).
• Opening loops = starting stuff, write it down. Note potential synnergies with others.
• We need a transitional agreements framework for service providers.
• Makers, adopters -> credit to work done and credit to adopters needs a feedback cycle (adopters spread the gospel)
• Liminal state -> exterior group hardening
• Propagate the hack-along meme
• Market research -> user transitioning
• Working on signalling infrastructure -> “did a thing” board built and put up to acknolege negative space
• Stand up is a good place to discuss logistics for day/night activities (if attended, maybe not robust)
• Building a fire pit with sacred geometry -> opening a loop (ow! careful of sunburn)
• Michael leaving -> help move/pack tents
• Terrarium building workshop/lesson from Pipijn -> Big bottle, fill with clay pebbles, cover with geotextile, add biocharcoal. (For transitional basic income; teach workshops, discounted cost to purchase your terrarium supplies or sell output at a net gain)

Friday 12th July
• Start projects with shared ownership. Projects should kick off together, be streamed or recorded - add to discourse.
• Seating/spaces optimisation can be don by machine learning to cluster appropriate projects together or near eachother like odyssey.
• Onboarding agreements -> MVP rules of participation, only what is necessary.
• SolarDAO introduction; transcribe parts (and call JP of Enexus)
• Financial model to spreadsheet -> Protocol L2 tokens?
• Translate spreadsheet to smart contract
• What is the USP? -> profits + reinvestment + governance of open data. Network value abides to square law when scaled. Energy independance, costs lowered by independent activity in other services such as 7 billion presidents beer co. #Romantic capitalism
• Work out governance mechanics
• Solar installers DAO to supply services to each agent + entity
• Communities, non profit retailers which own their own infrastructure = an accounting loop that can be completed/non coopted.
• Agency increases as protocol drives costs to margin. Drink beer-> reduced electricity cost -> more time to drink beer = agency from “we make the city” style funds -> ask Dorian for a list to create secure tunnels with.
• Practically we cant have ‘leaks’ so connections should have secure tunnels end to end, away from extractive agents. Failing that the DAO should be hyper competitive to keep bringing margins down more and more with scale to negate the competition, eventually making it impossible to compete.
• Fukinsei = beauty in assymetry
• Teinei = courteous attitude to show excellence
• Mono-no aware = beauty in natures cycles
• Shõgani = no means or method -> letting go
• Kodawari = determined and scrupulous attention to detail
• Yūgen = beauty in Kanso (understatement) aka negative space.

Saturday 13th July
• Holocracy standup -> well facilitated tactical by Dorian
• “What is a DAO presentation” -> Ruckus = Subjective term that means different things to everyone. Bag of acronyms.
•• Governance stuff unaddressed -> logged into governance meeting occurring afterward:
•• Holy days/ sacred days? -> new expectations to set. Sunday to do personal stuff away from hack-along programming? We keep working because of group gravity. Sat for optional working day? Sun = default off day -> strong signals for fun stuff but divergent and unplanned.
•• Graph based coordination to address FOMO causing consensus. We need more spaces to break out into and ways to signal the manifestation of new projects asynchronously. Visibility of the future is requested (personal note: dislike the predictive/planning element -> not agile but a probability calculator of future events happening might be ok). Record/streaming first stages for inclusivity purposes.
•• Group maintenance of the space. “did a thing” claims/attestation board -> review in optional standups.
• Get facilitators cheat sheets from Dorian
• Cheese, crackers, wine, beer -> saying goodbye to Bryans parents. Stories of how various couples in the space met.
• Walk to Spinetolli to pay the extended credit.
• Visit the magic graveyard.
• Returning we discuss cities and opportunity cost of capabilities and affordances. Usually you have plenty of capabilities and few affordances. Short head works for the rich and drains 90% of the inhabitants = extractive enviroments. In opposition rural spaces are cheap but lack opportunity… unless we build them via a LandDAO or something.

Sunday 14th July
• Excursion day
• Went to a hermetic village, met a nice dog called “Dope” that led to conversation with Tony (lease holder of property by the church) and Donald (visiting friend). We wanted to visit the closed church terrace so Tony let us through his house (of intentional political incorrectness). Donald took us to the terrace and told us his stroy of street2catwalk via building mannequins of diverse self representations (everyone adds value) so now helping to rehabilitate lost souls. Invited to full moon ceremony.
• Passed devastated buildings from the earthquake en route to the mountain plateau which was much cooler -> eating/drinking.
• Went to thermal/sulphur springs/spas to get beat up by a waterfall.
• Going to the local festivities we chose the “scenic route” which led to an adventure along the now collapsed river path which was reclaimed by nature it seems. Hard trekking but fun!
• Town festival -> people from different towns marching in medieval costumes (strange form of competition IMO).

Monday 15th July
• Discussion on previous nights parade weirdness -> Guitarcraft, Gnostic or Gurdijeffs 100 followers framework (1 master trains 100, 100 training 100 more = 10,000 = how to change the world). Maybe hetararchic structures? Practically everything’s a pyramid, maybe limit the capillary action of gains to 3 layers to distribute benefits better?
• Attestation board -> paired attestation for social accountability. Attestation/claim in both directions for task to count? Pairing raises the forest of knowlege and brings skill gap visibility. Bridging the gap is the “liminal state”. Time dimension weighs fire pit vs dishes.
• Digging a fire pit/cooking lunch today. Dinner at restaurant later.

**Tuesday 16th July :full_moon: **
• Mark/reflect the evening events
• Dressing the village
• Dinner shopping for a feast. How many? buffet? drinks?
• How to signal missing people (from standup/village) and plan for them?
• Thomas workshop on spaces/community living/dreaming via noomap presentation to close loop
• Today board became the today/tomorrow board for planning visability. Body workshop in morning
• Roberto resigns as holocracy facilitator (too much of a fractal guy). Bryan elected in his absense :stuck_out_tongue:
• Mosquito war -> Roberto and Thomas attack the water with fresh water.
• Suggestion for new moon show and tells.
• Buddy up at end of breakfast “standup” (sit downs really)
• Execute above party prep:
• Josh/Roberto -> flush swimming pool -> finish fire pit.
• Bryan/Krystina -> food shopping
• Josh/Thomas -> holochain work understanding how “entries and links” work in code
• Roberto/Thomas -> mosquito war
• Josh/Krystina -> chopping/cooking unknown construction
• Laura -> cooked quiche + lasagna incredibly well!
• Haiku noted: “wow that went faster, go team collaboration, ceremonial ;)”
• Party!
•• Pool -> beer and guests arrive (Tony, Donald, Anteta, Lua, Sarah).
•• Drums -> Shamanic ceremony minus psychedelics but lots of synchronicity (Anteta wrote a book called the moon that followed me, Lua is named after the moon… and below). Silent space allowed for optional words of gratitude.
•• Dinner -> Lunar eclipse ffs!!!
•• Tony, Donald Anteta leave (Before doing so Donald offers land for regeneration in future hack-alongs)
•• Tidy up the mess with Roberto/Laura and then chill on the lower terrace overlooking mountains.

Wednesday 17th July
• Calm yoga people outside in the morning.
• Went asynchronously for a walk with journal to brainstorm articles to get done:
•• The moon that followed us -> contextualising story of synchronicity
•• Building blocks and paradox -> absurdisim (e.g. violent non-violence - cake in the face etc.). Impression quality and pace additions. Healthy working hours.
•• Hack-along experiments -> what worked, what didnt -> boards and non-consensus realities. Inter subjective working patterns. Group alternative realities/what could have happened. “What is pool?” meme.
•• Art, Science and Shamanisim -> the balancing act of everyday alchemy. Drums sound on writing the note!!
•• SolarDAO/PirateDAO explainers
•• How I gave up my life and found paradise
•• Consensus opening loops, non-consensus closing loops!
• Grounding from the prior two weeks is grounding the new comers with new realities. Example: Ceaser Milans dog pack
• Chi gong meditation: walking backwards I notice the loud tractor in the peaceful rural environment taking up auditory space. Upon return the gate is closed when I return up the path, closing loops comes to mind as if the beauty is to be captured here. After an emotional walk the gate is open again.
• Talked with/mailed Lua a bunch of business references
• Note on Robertos thoughts around lists that become untenable (“start again or make music”) its “both and” -> Life is iterative and improvisationary.
• Consensus coordinating feels like it is causing the group to stay with the group which is a race to the bottom without breathing space as its unsustainable. Time to go graph.
• Moving from input phase into output phase -> smaller units/divergence time.
• Appreciative scoring = Reputation meta? “Appreciating you more or less since last signal I posted” (this develops to include neutral and neutral turbulent).

strong text
• Outlier ventures strategist who added me on linked in the day before responds loving what were up to.
• Need to create funding presentations; Roberto to be the talking head?
• Round of introductions for newly arrived group members (Lua, Ome).
• Food on the landing.

Friday 19th July

Saturday 20th July
• H.I.T = Human interior transformation
• S.E.T = Societal exterior transformation
• Appreciative score iteration: Zero knowlege & Public glyphs required.
• Apply integral theory to appreciation module meme: Interior individual, exterior individual, interior group, exterior group. Working through the semantics with Ome.
• Suggestion: “there is no group” - Ome
• Further riffing leads to developing the story that “there is no story” -> Meta story = “The bible of bullshit?” to discuss how abstraction is a memetic means of hypnosis etc.

Sunday 21st July
• Organisims make up ecologies of organisims. Human organisims are made up from skeletons and flesh -> blockchain is the skeleton, graphs are the flesh. The appropriate skeleton is Ethereum, the appropriate flesh is Holochain.
• Worked on hackermoon article & booked personal transport.
• PirateDAO = Ship of hackers clustered in consensus reality to create cabin fever in order to generate and resolve tensions (could also build critical infrastructure). Pirates have cannons though, so we should do CoinJanitors model of blasting blockchains and commandeering intellectual property to clean up useless chains, why? to raise awareness around the existential risk of darkDAOs!
• Bunny game/NVC -> raise hands, thumbs to head, wiggle fingers to talk. Making self look stupid and tiring ones arms is a disincentive to dominate a conversation. Pass the bunny when done.
• Conversation game -> log the conversation at the end of it #self-remembering!
• Collaborative competition -> the way to win/assimilate is to not fight with the out group.

Monday 22nd July
• Induct the Frencies to appreciative scoring
• Appreciative scoring is a good way to structure a sharing circle discussion
• Create a board with all tasks (maintenance/scarce resources etc). Create a list with all names (duplicate names if more tasks than names) Make a pull request by moving your name to the board, gain a claim/reputation. Buddy system is also recommended for tasks
• Rock paper scissors = Builders, archetects and designers. Pick your weapon of choice and signal your mode (e.g. Builders have orange hi-vis builder vests).

Tuesday 23rd July
• Discussion on community funding allocation -> project score from appreciative feedback mechanism (or computer vision note taking excitement metric?)
Mangas.io presentation -> hot shit!!! Go Romain & co :slight_smile:
• Synergy -> Mangas crew & Ome for legal structure of collective funding.
• Beach, lunch, swimming @the beach.
• Ivo cooked lovely garlic rice

Wednesday 24th July
• Final day of closing loops.
• Mega structure game: bring a brick each -> over time raise the cathedral of bullshit through contribution!
• Beach + icecream
• Clean up & cooking. ASYNCHRONOUS ABUNDANCE REACHED -> The graph of self organising people created a non-prescriptive pot luck feast! Tables self org’d too. When drink supplies assembled, we had plenty for all.
• Closing loops ceremony; drums, guitars, singing and hangdrums at the fire pit after hanging out in the pavilion hammocks talking. Thomas informal presentation
• Discussion on Libra again; if it goes ahead and succeeds to a large degree, they could threaten the IMF and government sovereignty… as such would the undermined goverment have an incentive to move over to open source macro economic resource based systems built by intentional communities?? Closing that loop!

Thursday 25th July
• Goodbye Liminal, have fun harmonising as the anniversary party chaos descends! One love :heart:

(edit: here are photos of the boards we made/used)
(edit2: original trello board - various bits of data)

Wow! Tnx Josh for sharing your log! It will be very useful to pick up and expand the memes into themes!

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