Anti-pattern This tag is for patterns in the negative space. i.e. destructive patterns DiaLOGs Here the results of conversations during hackalongs and other events are logged, for everyone else to see and contribute. Patterns
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What's a Hack-Along?

A Hackalong is best described as a holistic continuous co-creation process where a group of people comes together to share knowledge and passions by giving talks, workshops or by brainstorming on specific subjects. Thi…

2 September 27, 2019
Games - Add yours! 9 March 20, 2020
Pattern: Lunar sprints 1 September 19, 2019
Pattern: Buddy System 1 September 27, 2019
Pattern: Monologues, Dialogues, Trialogues 1 September 30, 2019
Ideation tools collection 1 February 9, 2020
Membrane based organisation - Sociocracy 3.0 4 December 2, 2019
Pattern: Three Horizons 2 November 17, 2019
Hackalong 0.2 DiaLOGs 3 October 14, 2019
Hack-along 0.1 Post Event

Hack-along 0 was an emergent social experiment where the minimum amount of community guidelines were enforced. Namely, participants were requested to focus on three aspects: personal, local, and global, and try to balanc…

4 August 12, 2019